The Demented Christmas Special second HAWKEYE Disney+ trailer.

I’m not gonna lie: this is growing on me. Actually, I was already gonna see HAWKEYE. But I’m grooving to this vibe:

Barton is fairly clearly feeling far too old for this sh*t, and Bishop isn’t quite able to cash the checks that her ego is writing; or, at least, not yet. I can sustain interest in the ensuing wacky hijinks for six episodes, methinks.

In Nomine Revisited: The Orientation Committee.

The goal for this one would be to create a writeup that could just as easily be perfectly innocent as it could be perfectly horrific. I flatter myself that I didn’t do too badly at it.

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I will be doing a book signing at Curmudgeon Books on November 6th.

Tentative time and date is November 6, 2021, 1-4 PM. The location will be:

Curmudgeon Books
Marley Station Mall 7900 Ritchie Highway
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061

…and I plan to have at least a few copies of all of my books to date, and definitely my new novel MORGAN BAROD. So stop on by! Buy my books! Buy books from the people who are showing such excellent discernment!

Not gonna sugar-coat it: if you want to HAVE gifts to give for Christmas, you NEED my books.

I’m not actually joking, although I am damn well putting my own stuff first. International shipping times are getting worse and worse. If it’s not in a warehouse in the USA now, the odds of a toy or game getting to you in time for Christmas are pretty bad, and they’re not going to get better. Certainly not in three months! Excuse me: two and a half months.

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I actually went and got the Robert Silverberg story that the NEEDLE IN A TIMESTACK movie is adapting. It’s not a bad story at all, although I dunno if you can make a two hour movie out of it. I’m also feeling a little cranky over the unholy glee being shown over the title – it seems all right to me? – but that might just be from a lack of breakfast. An author’s titles are our titles; we pick ’em for our own reasons, and that is the way of it.

Tweet of the Day, There Are Worse Life Goals edition.

In the connected text, Tycho notes that ” Gabriel’s “super power” (if you will) is to suss out the exact thing that will drive a person out of their f[*]cking minds.” …I did not have that exact ability (my superpower was making people look ridiculous before I banned them), but it’s close enough for me to chuckle knowingly at this.

Halloween Event finally started on Secret World Legends!

We were starting to wonder. Nothing new this year, alas – or even “Stuff that was in The Secret World and now we’re finally porting it over to Secret World Legends.” Which is a shame, but at least we have the Halloween event. It’s a favorite part of my holiday season.