I was in the Church of the SubGenius in my twenties, which is an incredibly ridiculous way of putting it. I mean, it’s not like they made me go to services or not get enough protein in my diet. Although there is I think a tape of me at one SubGenius event doing the entire testimonial schtick and asking at the end, “Where are my Stark Fists of Removal?!?”

Anyway, gotta put this trailer for the documentary up. Fair warning: it’s going to be a bit… odd.

Finally did the Kickstarter game session tonight.

I think it went well. People seemed to laugh a lot, at least. But it’s always nerve-wracking to do a game for total strangers except for one of your old friends, who you are desperately trying to not embarrass in front of their regular gaming group. Still, again, I think it went well.

Knock on wood.

New @HPLHS DART (THE CURSE OF YIG) available for pre-order!


Yig’s a favorite of mine. At least, my version of Yig is a favorite of mine. My version is also considerably more chill than HPL’s, mind you.

Tweet of the Day, Is This A Sign Of The Apocalypse… edition.

…or am I just being a snob?

Or both, sure. Both makes sense. Still, if the people drinking Pabst these days are mostly hipsters, why shouldn’t that company try to hit that demographic? That demographic is keeping their company afloat!

And yet.