WandaVision is entertainingly messed up.

Finally sat down and watched both of the first episodes. I think that dropping the first two and then making people wait is smart: it establishes nicely that there’s something seriously weird about WandaVision. Mind you, I assumed that right from the start.

Also, an interesting note: I had it up on my computer with my earbuds in so as not to disturb everybody else. My wife watched a little, over my shoulder, and observed later that when you can’t hear anything the camera work is a lot more evocative of a horror show. Which I’m pretty sure is what WandaVision is. …Cool.

Tweet of the Day, This Muppets 1984 Concept Has Potential edition.

I mean, it’s totally [expletive deleted] up, and a very rough concept at this point. But I’m not saying no, either. There may be something there that people could work with.

Via Not The Bee.

Annnnnnd the house repairs are done!

Two bathrooms and the wall of my eldest kid’s room. Pipe replacement, replacement of ceiling fans, cleaning out and treating the wooden supports, and replacement of the drywall. They also fixed our toilet paper dispenser, but that kind of was by accident; I think that guy who put the bathroom back together didn’t realize it was like that when the project started. I’d call it a victory, except that we’ve used these contractors before and have a good relationship with them. I may even call Monday and offer to slip them an extra ten bucks for the job.

My schedule was still shot today, so regular posting resumes tomorrow.

In the mail: @HPLHS Swag!

Specifically, the Dark Adventure Radio Theater prop binder and a Miskatonic University T-Shirt. Oddly, I don’t really have any Miskatonic U stuff. Which is weird, honestly. The binder’s because they’ve switched over to a model where they send you a CD sleeve with the DART itself, plus all the props that they put into a DART, and put that all in a binder sheet. And I needed the prop binder because my DARTS are out of control. Once I get paper CD sleeves for the radio plays themselves, the consolidation of my DART collection will be a wonder to behold.