Fright Reads in one week! (I’ll be selling books and talking about self-publishing.)

Fright Reads will be October 1st, 12-6 PM, at the Benfield Sportscenter (1031 Benfield Blvd, Millersville, MD 21108). I have a table for selling my books (ahem), and I’ll be up on the stage at 4:30 PM for a half hour talk on self-publishing. The latter is of course very gratifying; I’ve been doing this for about two and a half years now, and hopefully have learned a couple things in the process. Lord knows there’s some stuff I would have done slightly differently, if only I had known.

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I will have copies of DUTIES for Fright Reads!


…And some extra copies of ANAGNORISIS, because I was running out of those. …So, yeah, I’ll have these for Fright Reads in a week. That’s two new books for physical sale for the first time! Huzzah!


The Widdershins: Sea Change Kickstarter.

Latest chapter (“Sea Change”) of the Widdershins webcomic has completed, so Kate is starting up the Kickstarter to get it printed. I’m not saying I dropped everything to back it, but I did drop everything I was doing at that one moment in time. I shall miss this webcomic, once it completes (next chapter is supposed to be the last)…

Tweet of the Day, Committing To The Bit edition.

Yeah, you gotta use a shot like that when the universe just hands it to you.

Via @SonnyBunch.

Fall has begun!

Finally. Halloween will hopefully be normal, this year. 2020 was hellish, and not in the fun seasonal way: I had candy ready, because I refused to let Them win, but the turnout was nonexistent. And last year was a little disappointing, too. But this year… this year, the kids will come.

And if I’m very lucky, the nights will be cool and windy, with leaves pretending that they’re witches, a-flight in the gloom.