Featuring Abomination!

That Abomination looks like the same one from the Ed Norton Hulk (you gotta wonder if Ed regrets not taking that contract). Nice to see somebody remember that particular movie, honestly. I particularly liked how they put the whole damn origin story in the opening credits, because they wanted to save me valuable time. I enjoyed the consideration.

Well, it’s probably not a *bad* time to drop Mailchimp, personally.

I don’t have many people on the newsletter, and the newsletter is very sporadic because I have difficulty coming up with Flying Koala-related things to say every week. I dunno what to use instead, though. Somebody I know seems to be getting good results from their free Substack?

Moe Lane

PS: The reason for considering a switch is due to Things We Do Not Talk About Here; suffice it to say that I’d rather switch now, then have to switch later, and I’ve never quite trusted Mailchimp anyway.

Steven Spielberg refused to remake JAWS.

GeekTyrant noticed this, buried in a story about Amblin Entertainment partnering with Netflix:

One area the director will not revisit is Jaws. Deadline heard recently that Universal broached the subject to reboot Spielberg’s breakout classic, with Spielberg producing, and the answer was a firm no.

…Personally, I might have preferred that Spielberg had responded to such a highly impertinent question by dangling the unlucky Universal suit over a shark tank, but that would have been unethical. After all, you don’t blame the messenger for the message. Life is not a Conan movie. And JAWS should not be remade.

Moe Lane

PS: I don’t actually want to see a Spielberg Conan movie. I want to see a Guy Ritchie Conan movie, set in Conan’s thief days.

Harrison Ford injured on Indiana Jones 5 set.

Do we really have to make Harrison Ford do this?

Production on Lucasfilm’s long-in-development Indiana Jones 5 has suffered its first setback, with franchise star Harrison Ford sustaining a shoulder injury while rehearsing for one of the film’s many fight sequences. Further details about the severity of the 78-year-old actor’s injury hasn’t been disclosed.

I mean, really? Who here commanded that this movie be made? Who is the person with such a heart of stone? Ford should be at home, taking his ease. Let him rest!

…Let him rest.

I do like the LOKI show.

Then again, I like the Disney+ MCU shows generally. LOKI in particular is the sort of thing that can only be made when a studio has more money than God and is amusing itself by having Tom Hiddleston sing in Norwegian. Which he does a pretty good job at, mind you.

I know, I know. But the family wants the channel and we’re paying for it, so I might as well enjoy the stuff I like.