Tweet of the Day, With A Pitch Like This, How Could I Say No?

Mind you, I’m going to open my wallet for a classic theater with its original pipe organ that shows classic movies and is available for community projects. You gotta protect civilization, man. You just gotta.

Day 29, TINSEL RAIN NaNoWriMo: 60027/60000.

It’s done.

Ha. Haha! HAhhaHAHA! IT’S DONE! Oh, it’s not a real book yet. It’s got twenty thousand words’ worth of connective tissue to establish and more characterization to develop and there’s a plot hole or three to fix and at least one scene to write, but: 60000 words! I made it! With a day to spare!

:twitch: :twitch:


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Gypsy Shipping [The Day After Ragnarok]

Gypsy Shipping

[The Day After Ragnarok]

Gypsy Shipping is a small company based out of California which does low-weight, high-value courier jobs between California, Texas, and Utah. The American successor states might talk a good game about tolls and borders and whatnot, but nobody has the manpower in the post-Serpentfall world to check all the traffic. Comes right down to it, nobody really wants to. Every Highway Patrolman or Ranger looking for contraband is a soldier that’s not killing mutated gila monsters or whatnot. So, if you don’t want anybody to know about a particular shipment, Gypsy Shipping will be happy to make sure it gets to where it needs to go without too much official interest. For a reasonable amount of money.

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Halfway through, and THE MANDALORIAN continues To Not Suck.

I was kind of worried that there would be bloat, but this last episode was excellent. While still being full of tons of references to all sorts of stuff from the video games and the animated shows and the Extended Universe and whatnot. I’m starting to wonder why the hell they just didn’t do all of this instead of all the movies except Rogue One (and, dammit, Solo). Alas, time travel is impossible and unethical.