Keanu Reeves narrates his highly metal BRZRKR comic book trailer.

More power to him, though. Keanu wants to go metal, well, it’s a free country. He ain’t doing anything I wouldn’t be doing. When you’re in your fifties and enjoying a cinematic renaissance as an action star, why the hell not have fun with whatever you feel like having fun with?

Obligatory Patreon plug!

Just my reminder: I have a Patreon for my SFF and horror fiction/gaming material, and 90% of it is going right back into the publishing stuff*. At this stage of the process, the more monthly income I have, the faster I can pay for editors and artists and cover art. Which means the more books I can do a year. That is the way things are.

So, tell your friends! Heck, tell your enemies if you think you can convince them to pony up. I ain’t proud.


Moe Lane

*The other 10% goes to the St. Ann’s Center for Children, Youth, and Families; specifically, their Teen Mother-Baby Program.