Had to spend some time thinking about the new story.

I know where it’s going to end up; but I think that 8K words is barely enough time to deal with the monster in front of our hero — what’s that? Yes. Of course there’s a monster. Obviously. I’m not calling it ETERNAL NIGHT OF THE MOON-BEASTS because it’s a cowboy-nurse romance story*.

Anyway, spent time thinking about how to make this scene a real short story instead of, well, just a scene.

Moe Lane

*Do those exist? …Well, they probably do now. You’re welcome?

I’ll be doing a panel of some kind at @FrightReads!

They asked for authors to sign up for some slots to talk about their books; I am — oddly enough! — an author now*; so I will be blathering on for a half hour about my stuff. This would be on October 2nd, at the Fright Reads book fair in Severna Park, Maryland. If you can’t make it or can’t wait, buy my books now!

*It’d be nice if there was some kind of pin, honestly. Even a 10% off at the Staples frequent-publishing card.

Group Seed: Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER).

Business Agency Delivering Great Educational Resources (BADGER)

Logo: A snarling badger, one paw raised as if to strike. The badger wears a generic jumpsuit and a tactical earpiece/HUD display.

…They came up with the name and the logo first, then found a backwards acronym generator afterward. And, yes: even supervillain companies use those. Ain’t computer technology grand? 

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The Spielberg WEST SIDE STORY trailer.

It’s not… terrible? If you like WEST SIDE STORY in general, that is. I never thought it was all that great, honestly. A couple of the songs weren’t bad, though.

Also, it’s been sixty years since the last one, so it’s fair game for a remake. Not sure why Spielberg’s eager to do one; this is the sort of thing you’d do as the cinematic equivalent of a masterwork, except that Steven Blooming Spielberg already did one of those with SCHINDLER’S LIST. I dunno. Maybe he just likes WSS more than I do.

…Dear God. TRIPLETS just might be stupid enough to work.

I mean. Everything about TRIPLETS is dumb: the concept, the conceit, the fact that both of the original leads from TWINS are old now, the fact that they couldn’t get Eddie Murphy… everything.

The film’s sequel, titled Triplets, will reportedly enlist the help of Tracy Morgan to play a third and long list sibling of both Schwarzenegger and DeVito. The script for the film will be written by Dylan Dawson & Lucas Kavner, with production scheduled to begin in January in Boston. The film was initially supposed to star Eddie Murphy, but Reitman mentioned that following his recent success with Coming 2 America, he was too busy to join the film.

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The drone’s radar sensors did nothing to help the mood, either. It was barely able to show outlines, which at least kept Tobias from crashing into the sides; but the deeper the drone got, the worse the shaft seemed. It was… off-kilter, like parts of it had been pushed out of line, but not all at once. And at the bottom was rubble, tumbled and settled. The drone carried a radar sophisticated enough to pick up anything man-sized or larger (in happier times, it had been used for moonquake emergency response calls), and as it drew closer to the bottom automated request were made to Tobias to start scanning for biological material.

He was hesitant to let it — the radar sweeps weren’t triggering a response (And just what’s supposed to be responding? asked a voice in his head), but Tobias felt an instinctive reluctance to try anything more intrusive — when he realized that there was another issue. The drone was starting to react sluggishly, like it was getting caught up on something. Only slightly at the moment, but it was definitely reacting.

The ‘Useful to Mine’ SNAKE EYES Honest Trailer.

I had no interest in seeing SNAKE EYES before, and I have none now.

However, the following movies (all of which were mentioned by Honest Trailers) sound interesting:

…which is itself a judgement on SNAKE EYES, huh?