The ‘tentatively awesome’ A COMPLETE UNKNON teaser trailer.

A COMPLETE UNKNOWN is directed by the same guy who did WALK THE LINE. If this means we’re just getting a folk version of that movie, that’s fine. WALK THE LINE was excellent. If he’s up for the challenge, I’ll happily listen to Timothee Chalamet channel Bob Dylan for a couple of hours*.

So, you know, this had better not suck.

*It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to fool my ear for the length of the film. Joachim Phoenix wasn’t quite Johnny Cash, but he was able to sustain it until the end credits. That’ll do.


07/23/2024 Snippet, THE REAL THING.


I don’t like casting spells outside of the Kingdom. The magic is so slow out here, like I’m running through syrup, and it smells/tastes weak, too. More than one Virginian mage has gotten into a lot of trouble by trying to pull in magic that just wasn’t there, or tough enough to be pulled, so I had to be quick and gentle in absorbing the local the energy… I’m sorry. This makes more sense to mages. Try to imagine that I was pulling a tablecloth off of a table without disturbing the dishes and glasses, only the tablecloth was really tissue paper. You can still do it without everything ripping, but you need to do it right.

I got it right. Mostly. Well enough that the difference didn’t matter. It’s actually no big deal when your nose bleeds. Anything can cause a nosebleed, right? You only really have to worry when it’s your ears or eyes. The important thing was, I had the power I needed by the time I jumped through the ring of fire. So obviously it was time to start using it.

I started out by taking over the flames, fueling them from some of my own gathered power, and the magic still remaining in the area. That wouldn’t last forever, either, but I didn’t need forever. I steadied that spell in one hand while pulling together a cloud spell with the other. It sounds harder than it is; most simple magics can be done one-handed, and we train ourselves to use both, from an early age.

The second JOKER: FOLIE Á DEUX trailer.

JOKER: FOLIE Á DEUX is weirdly… weird. I didn’t actually watch the first one, because it didn’t sound like my cup of tea. But there’s just something about having somebody else in this mad universe of his that makes me take the concept of these movies more seriously. It reminds me of the observation from WATCHMEN: the heroes needed the villains to wear costumes, too. Otherwise it was just kind of embarrassing. Without Harley, this version of the Joker is just a fundamentally sad homicidal maniac who likes to wear clown makeup.


Do I want to sit down and watch the Roger Corman FANTASTIC FOUR?

Roger Corman’s FANTASTIC FOUR is apparently available on YouTube (that’s not the link). On the one hand, it’s pirated. On the other hand, it’s not like I can buy it. This is important because one of my core objections to piracy is that it takes money out of the hands of the people who made the artistic work in the first place. If nobody’s getting paid anyway, well, I do have other objections, but the case is now much weaker.

And on the gripping hand, it’s supposed to be pretty bad. I’m not as in love with really bad movies as I used to be.

Tweet of the Day, MARVEL At The Stupidity edition.

Ehh, ehh? Get it? GET IT?

I’m sorry. I knew it was a bad idea when I wrote the headline.


Via @alexthechick.

So where do you go when you want to find out convention drama?

There’s maybe something going on with a future convention I’m going to be at, but I’m not plugged into it, and I’d like to know what the heck it’s all about. If it’s just personalities clashing, I don’t care about that. But if there’s, ah, an aspect to it, I really want to know ahead of time. Where’s the reliable place on social media for convention drama?