What do I want for Christmas? Why, “Japanism, Pan-Asianism and Terrorism: A Short History of the Amur Society (The Black Dragons)1901-1945,” of course.

Can be found on my Wish List, or here. A mere one hundred and seventy-eight dollars, too! …Yeah, yeah, I know: I’m more likely to get a PS5 this year for Christmas than that, for some reason. I’m mostly hoping to score extra Amazon gift cards this Christmas, so that I can get it on my own…

In which I spread scandalous rumors.

Why is it scandalous? Because if it’s true, then WHO ATE THE COOKIES? That crime goes all the way to the very top of the family, folks. Because we all know who the culprits would have been*.

*How do they taste? …Seriously, how would I know? I mean, I’m pretty sure they don’t taste like batteries, spools of thread, or random bits of sewing equipment. Past that, I’m not sure.

Went to a bridge/tree lighting ceremony tonight.

It was low-key, and fun. My wife wanted us to get out more this Christmas, and do stuff, and as usual she had a smart idea. It was a very nice night for December, and watching the kids all have a good time was cheering. It was also funny when our county executive started doing his bits in the proceedings, because he was clearly the only one in the group who knew how to use a microphone. It’s a real skill.