Book of the Week: Operation Sea Lion.

The full title is Operation Sea Lion: The Failed Nazi Invasion That Turned the Tide of War. I’m reading it now; the author (Leo McKinstry) takes the argument that not only was Germany not prepared to invade, but that England was prepared to be invaded. He’s making a good case for it, so far.

So, apparently THE AMAZING MAURICE isn’t *bad*.

THE AMAZING MAURICE has decent-to-good critic and audience ratings, in fact. Which seems to be the problem; the general consensus seems to be that the movie’s… all right. No need to rush out and see it, but it’s not a waste of money. You won’t throw things at the screen at what they did to Pratchett’s story.

It’s not quite ‘damning with faint praise,’ though. ‘A stretch in Purgatory to head off possible concerns raised in the last evaluation report,’ maybe? Although admittedly that doesn’t even remotely scan.

Bad news: they’re making the *wrong* Gladiator sequel.

The new GLADIATOR 2 will be some nonsense about the nephew of Commodus and whatnot, and not the script where Maximus becomes this immortal warrior dude who ends up being sent by the gods to stop Christianity (spoiler warning: he does not). No, really. This script really does exist, and everything. And I suspect it will end up sounding a lot better than whatever they’re going to come up with.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

02/03/2023 Snippet, VERDICT OF HISTORY.

Another viewpoint character I loathe! Yay!


Wake up, asshole.

Razor-Claw’s eyes snapped open. He’d always been a light sleeper, and decades of being a raider, a raider boss, and finally rebel scum had honed that knack until he could cut throats with it. Shrugging off a weak Dominion daze spell that couldn’t bite him properly was nothing. Neither was popping loose the shackles that bound him to a circular frame at wrists, ankles, throat, and middle. Firebrand had told him they’d unlock as soon as he pulled at them, and the motherfucker hadn’t lied about that, at least.

He knew he didn’t have long to work, so he took a quick look around the tent. It was full of frames like his, stacked close together, and every single one of them had a twitching, unconscious captive on it. He recognized about half of them; men and a few women from his own last band of fighters, a couple of rat bastards from the other side, and one guy who just looked different. Too well-fed to be one of his, and he had on the remains of a uniform Razor-Claw didn’t recognize.

Tweet of the Day, Whose Side Are You On? edition.

This video is the impetus for a low-grade Twitter war right now, and I am gratified to note that the types of people who I particularly disapprove of all hate it.