Patreon Microfiction: ‘Patch Update 3.13.04.’

‘Patch Update 3.13.04’ is, among other things, a major reason why I don’t think we’re living in a video game simulation. If we were, we’d know. Very, very quickly.

Moe Lane

PS: If we do live in a video game simulation, it isn’t a very exciting one by our standards. Or at least not very well-balanced when it comes to gameplay.

Good, but tiring day.

Made my table fee back outright, which is always nice when it happens (I usually make more sales afterward, as people follow up by buying more books and/or reading them on KU). But it’s the usual ‘seven hours of being social is tiring.’ Also: I think I’m going to have to start passing through the sales tax, instead of including it in the advertised prices and paying it myself. Inflation is not fun.

No, I’m not thrilled about that, either.

Book of the Week: Night Watch.

It is, after all, the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May.

All the little angels rise up, rise up.
All the little angels rise up high!
How do they rise up, rise up, rise up?

How do they rise up, rise up high?
They rise heads up, heads up, heads up, they rise heads up, heads up high!


My convention schedule (so far).

I’m still waiting to see if Stellar Con is coming back to Bel Air, and if Galactic Con is coming back at all. I’ve yet to hear anything on the latter for the last year, so it doesn’t look great. Ach, well. It was a good place to start.

Speaking of: if you can’t make it tomorrow, by all means: buy my books! …And TTRPG supplements!