Tweet/PSA of the Day, Do Not Mess With The Local Tribal Gods* edition.

Particularly on the evening before the summer solstice. I mean, technically the actual Midsummer’s Day is a matter of some interpretation, but still. The point is, if you’re going to do this sort of thing you’d better hope that the universe really is a vast mechanistic conglomeration of blind physical forces that lacks any sort of metaphysical Powers; because if it is not, you’re kind of screwed.

Moe Lane

*To quote Harry Flashman: it ain’t lucky.


So that Cozy Halloween thing I was working on is getting split up.

The big-picture one I had shown to my Patreon group was something they liked, but they were more grooving on the idea of doing a kind of smaller town-type situation. They were also heavily down on the idea of cowboy witches with horses, which is good, because that one was non-negotiable anyway. So I came up with an alternate town map for that, and will be putting together a treatment for our next session. This is all in fun, mind you: I’d like to do some collaboration with other RPG writers and artists. This isn’t going to be commercial, in other words.

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Edgar Wright wants to do a RUNNING MAN movie that is not like the RUNNING MAN movie.

Which… maybe makes sense? I think it was Harlan Ellison who panned the RUNNING MAN movie in general, with the single shining exception of Richard Dawson (whoever it was argued that Dawson absolutely should have gotten Best Supporting Actor that year for his pitch-perfect performance). It’d be interesting to see something that was closer to what Stephen King actually wrote in the first place.

On the other hand, the King story in question isn’t… very good. The bad guys are pretty much paint-by-numbers, and so is the dystopia. They’ve been predicting blood sports and ecological collapse in North America for pretty much my entire lifetime, and it’s yet to happen. It’s yet to come close to happening. I dunno: maybe Edgar Wright can come up with something that draws from the source material, while still compensating for its flaws.

And maybe he can’t.


06/18/2024 Snippet, PICKMAN’S MODELS.

Still working on the story sampler!

Or, in the case of some of the shrines, other people. “How long?” Tobias asked, without looking. 

There was enough air that he didn’t need the radio to hear Buckley’s response. “A week, sir. At most. In this heat the flesh is going to — well, you can see what’ll happen.” He sounded clinical about it, which made sense, right? “It’d be really unsafe to take off your helmets in this muck, sir. Trust me on this.”

“Understood, Buckley. You see something interesting, Lieutenant?”

Reithner jumped, slightly. She had been peering at a painted frieze of — well, the inscription said ‘Maguglpur,’ but the picture was clearly of the god the Red Imperials called ‘Bonefarmer.’ The half-flesh, half-skull was diagnostic; so were the little pictures of humans, impaled on femurs. Worse, it was fresh. The horrible scenes Tobias had studied at the Academy had felt distant, safely consigned to history. This was something from current events. 


DUELING SIX DEMONS is my buddy Jim Geraghty’s latest Dangerous Clique spy thriller novel, and I’m looking forward to reading it today. If only if because this may very well be the book where Jim finally bites the bullet and admits that he’s been writing occult/theurgic spy thrillers all along. Wish him luck! …And buy the series. It’s good.