Book of the Week: Murder at the War.

I haven’t thought of Mary Monica Pulver’s Murder at the War in a good, long while. This straight-up murder mystery is set in Pennsic before it was Pennsic, sort of: Cooper’s Lake wasn’t the first place we held that event. Certainly this book is set before the event became PENNSIC, a sprawling two-week behemoth that helps define the SCA.

I do remember being shocked at Pennsic 21 (my first) that, wow, there are authors here! That this was allowed! It left an impression.

Will be autocrat for a SCA event this weekend.

Oh, sorry: ‘event steward.’ I don’t actually object to the name change. In a lot of ways it’s more reflective of what I’m doing with regard to this event, which mostly involves making sure that all the spinning plates fall down in the right order. It’s a collaborative effort… right up to the point where something goes wrong, and it’s time to me to The Trash Heap Has Spoken at it until the problem gets fixed, or at least becomes ignorable.

In practical terms all of this means that I’m going to be very sporadically posting until Sunday afternoon. Or possibly Monday morning, because Sunday may be a time of showers and unconsciousness. Responsibility is not something that comes naturally to me. I can do it, but I get really tired afterwards.

Tweet of the Day, It Sounds… Restful edition.

There’s something to be said for an exquisitely boring day.

04/10/2024 Snippet, FLIM-FLAM MAN.

It wasn’t even his fault!

Things had been going well, up to then. The shrine didn’t have any weapons besides the staves, but it did have a spool of fishing line. More Great Realm stuff, dwarf-made and good for snares, too. Once he’d gotten far enough away from the hole in the ground, the animals had started coming back, only they weren’t used to humans. He’d been able to snag a couple of squirrels for his breakfast, which was very good news. 

Staves, spare clothes (that could be sold), fishing line, bits of traveling gear — if you didn’t mind not having any food, or any local animals within half a day’s walk, that hole in the ground had been a great place to find. If only he hadn’t somehow taken an amulet along for the ride! That was a god-item, and everybody knew the gods were unreasonable about having their personal things taken. Often terminally so. 

Only, nothing was happening.

Huh. There is apparently money in DriveThruRPG stuff.

I’m not breaking the bank on Tomes of Unusual Knowledge, but neither am I doing badly at it. At the rate it’s going, it might actually surpass my sales on “Pickman’s Model: A Romance” at some point. There actually may be a market for generic RPG material that can be adapted for various game titles. Go figure.


I return!

It was a good eclipse viewing. We saw my wife’s cousin, who is a dear, and we watched the eclipse in her backyard. In classic teenager style, my two went from ‘too cool for school’ to ‘gleefully getting the perfect shot of the eclipse on their phones’ in record time. Worth the drive up, and back. And thank God the sun came out.

Now I just have the SCA event this weekend to get through.