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02/20/2024 Snippet, THE VISITOR FROM OUTSIDE.

I realized, like an idiot, that I had missed something obvious with the dates. But I can make it work.

After lunch, I went on the second part of my grand loop. The rain was done, and the sun was out; I hoped that would mean prettier countryside, if only because everything would be fresh.

It did not. Mosquitos everywhere. The old kind, too, the ones that aren’t allergic to humans. Either that, or the one that got into my car somehow was suicidal; the damned thing bit me at least a half-dozen times before I could swat it. I almost crashed the car in the process, too. The vehicles inside here have barely enough autopiloting to maintain a constant speed, and you still have to steer.

…Did I really call this place ‘inside?’ Yikes. Anyway, I decided to cut the trip short, before I ended up in a ditch full of demonically croaking frogs. I’m not exaggerating that, by the way. They really do sound the way you’d imagine devils would, if devils sang base. I’ll finish the second-second part tomorrow. I’m not really behind, if it is true that I won’t have to fight the locals to get the survey data I’ll need…

TWO DAYS LEFT on the Kickstarter! If you were waiting for the best time to back…

…now would be it. TALES FROM THE FERMI RESOLUTION Vol. 2 will be my collection of post-apocalyptic fantasy stories set in the aforementioned Fermi Resolution universe: it’ll feature old characters and new, and will include a madcap self-contained adventure from my upcoming Tom Vargas novel BANSHEE BEACH. The last forty-eight hours of a Kickstarter are in some ways the most important ones, because it’s now that we see what stretch goals will get fulfilled. Here are the most relevant ones:

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Today was an unpleasant day.

About the best I can say about it is that at least the burning hot frying pan handle did not blister my hand. But that was the tenor of today. The absolute worst part? None of it was actually my fault. I know that sounds weird, but usually I can admit that I deserved at least a little of the grief I was getting . Not today! Today was totally unfair; and it wasn’t being subtle about it, either. Yay.

The ‘Hrm. Maybe?’ THE WOODS ARE REAL trailer.

I was as skeptical as the rest of you would be about a movie described as “a folk horror twist on the story of Job”, but THE WOODS ARE REAL looks like it might have a vibe to it. The film at least gets points for picking for their protagonists a trendily good-works couple who are more than a little smug about it. Presumably they won’t quite break under the stress testing, but who knows? These days, if you really want to be transgressive in your art then there’s nothing better than unironic bourgeois morality.